Happy 2014!

Hopefully you are recovering from the Holidays and enjoying the New Year.

Each new day brings unlimited opportunities. However, we often feel the need to make one or more New Year resolutions. For example, maybe we’re going to take better care of our body, take better care of our world or grow as a person by taking an educational class or engaging in a new passion.

For me personally, doing what I can to diminish climate change is #1 on my list. Living in the high desert of Southern California, I am experiencing our second winter of the worst drought in 150 years. I am literally watching the plants die or continue to struggle with the lack of moisture. And of course, this impacts the rest of the eco-system. I am trying very hard to embrace the philosophy that, “everything is the way it is supposed to be”. However, it is fairly well documented that climate change is being accelerated by human activity. We hear evidence of this every day in the news, from severe typhoons in the Philippines to unexpected ocean dwellers showing up in places they have never frequented previously.

I also try to adhere to Mahatma Gandhi’s saying that, “we must be the change we want to see in the world”. We all make choices every day, from the products we purchase and use, to where we go and how we get there. All these choices, if we are considering our impact on the earth, might be slightly different. We may buy more items in bulk, remember to turn off those lights, drive a fuel-efficient car or plant a tree. These are all random activities but if enough of us are aware, and make the effort to do just one of these things, we can together make a huge impact.wind energy

This is why I am so proud of derma e® for being backed by 100% wind energy, in both our distribution, and more importantly our manufacturing facility. Making skin care products is a lot like making a cake. We have large kettles where we mix and prepare the products. I am not aware of any other company that uses an electric boiler to heat the kettles. Every manufacturing facility that I have been to uses gas powered boilers. By using an electric boiler, we are able to purchase wind energy certificates that allow our company to operate and manufacture with 100% wind energy, covering all aspects of our business.

MC900440104Also, derma e® has many 2 oz. products as opposed to our competitors’ 1 oz. products. This further reduces the energy needed to make the packaging. Of course, our recycling programs help too and we use recyclable packaging whenever possible, including on our new pre-moistened facial wipes. These wipes were a real challenge to produce because it is very easy to get the wipes themselves in recyclable material but finding recyclable material for the outer package was extremely difficult. It took many months of sourcing and performing the necessary stability tests to get a 100% recyclable wipe and packaging.

I invite and challenge you to also keep climate change as one of your focuses for 2014.  I know together we can help reduce our impact on Mother Earth so that all of us will live healthier, happier lives.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Linda Miles DOM
Mitaku Oyasin