Guyra Paraguay – derma e®’s Non-Profit Initiative Thrives

We are so pleased to hear that through customer support and our continuing efforts through The Paraguay Project, we have made a positive impact on the biological and environmental conditions in Paraguay.

For those of you who are not familiar with our three-tiered charitable program that helps support the people, rainforest and land of Paraguay, here’s how it works:  

derma e® purchases beautiful, hand-crafted Spiderweb Lace at a fair market price directly from co-ops in Paraguay, sells them to US boutiques and online, and donates full profits as well as a percentage of all product sales to three non-governmental organizations: Guyra Paraguay, Clyde E. Bay Foundation and GlobaI Infancia.

Recently, Guyra Paraguay has made significant progress in working to protect the environment and wildlife.  This will help improve the quality of life for Paraguayans and assure that there are resources for future generations.

Highlights include:

  • Participation and sponsorship of public awareness events
  • Organization of educational programs, campaigns and trainings
  • Monitoring of use of land, flooding and deforestation
  • Purchasing of land for conservation purposes
  • Support of sustainable production of soy crops
  • Strengthened public policies relating to the environment

Upcoming events in October and November to further support this cause and raise awareness include a National Scientific Conference, an original concert from Luis Szaran on bird songs, La Manzana de la Rivera (conferences, music and photo exhibitions) and a birding trip with Diplomats in Asunción led by the American Ambassador.

With the support of our customers, we look forward to continuing to help Paraguay in their quest to defend and protect the environment and wildlife.

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